May 8, 2021

Trans flag, man with a groom’s veil… New “inclusive” emojis.

For 2020, the Unicode Consortium has validated 64 new emojis and their color variations very much in line with the “new world”.

The Bretons insisted on it, they will not win. The Unicode Consortium has just unveiled a list of 64 new emojis (and their color variations) that do not include the Gwenn ha du, the famous Breton flag. On the other hand, the trans flag has been added to the 2020 novelties, among other very “LGBT friendly” emojis, as reported by the specialized site Numerama.
Man in wedding dress and woman in suit

The blue, pink and white flag will soon be alongside the rainbow flag, which has been flying on all smartphones and social networks since 2016. The transgender symbol, a sort of mixture of the symbols “man” and “woman”, will also be part of the party. Other “inclusive” new features include an emoji “man with a groom’s veil” (because, well, the white dress is no longer the preserve of women), and another “woman in a suit”.

The Unicode Consortium is thus surfing on a new guideline borrowed since last year, which refuses to put forward only two genders, including the “neutral”, which does not correspond to either of them and which will allow the people concerned to be better represented. In line with this principle, the organisation has also validated an Mx Claus, or “Christmas person” to replace the traditional Santa Claus. A “person who gives a bottle to an infant” and a “man who feeds an infant” are also appearing.

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